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Self Determination for the Ogoni People
The Ogoni are a richly endowed indigenous people in South Eastern Nigeria. Had been victims of torture, repression by the Nigerian state. Endangered by decades of environmental pollution by Shell..
Rise Now to
End the Repression of the Ogoni People in Nigeria
Over 4,000 killed in state-backed repression.
Join the Campaign Calling on Shell to
Clean Up and Pay up for the Environmental Devastation of Ogoni
Over 50 decades of uncleaned oil spills, gas flaring and neglect has left Ogoni a waste land. Join us mount pressure on Nigeria to clean up and compensate the Ogoni people for the damages.

Programmes & Activities

MOSOP USA advocates global intervention to redress the deplorable state of human rights in Ogoni, Nigeria.
Over 50 years of pollution from Shell have destroyed oil-rich Ogoni land. MOSOP USA advocates proper clean up and compensation
The conditions in which the Ogoni people live threatens their very existence. MOSOP USA demand respect for their political rights.

Working to Save Over 1Million Ogoni People Endangered in Nigeria

Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People is a non-violent movement of the Ogoni people in the United States working to reverse and rescue the Ogoni people in Nigeria who have suffered enormous repression, discrimination coupled with Shell's massive environmental pollution without a proper clean up and compensation plan

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